Bike rent

Cycling in the Weerribben

One of the best ways to discover the Weerribben Wieden is by bike. Cycling you can enjoy the many forest, water, and reed environments. Wherever you go,
the cycle routes take you past countless mills, locks and picturesque villages. Conviviality and hospitality are still central here!

With us you can rent both comfortable electric Stella bikes and standard bikes.

We rent electric Stella bikes for € 25,- per day.

For 3 days you can rent the bikes for € 70,- and a week for € 150,-

The standard bikes are equipped with three gears and handbrake.

These bikes cost € 8.50 per day and for half a day € 5,- (Half day is from 13.00)

For 3 days you can rent the bikes for € 25,- and a week for € 49,-

With small children you can rent a bike, because we rent child seats for € 2.25 (not suitable for electric bike).