Boat trip Weerribben

National Park the Weerribben is the largest wetland in Western Europe. Enjoy a boat trip from the visitor centre, go for a bike ride, hike or explore the area with a canoe!

Did you know that the park has been named the most beautiful place in the Netherlands by the NCRV in 2004? This area has so much to offer, from swamp to open water and reed beds. Several animals live here in the nature, such as water and marsh birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. The Weerribben is the habitat of the rare Otter.

What makes this area even more unusual is that each meter was created by the work of man! The residents of the time dug the bog off to make peat. This changed the landscape into a swampy marsh area where narrow strips of land and water alternate.

Pieter Jongschaap Kalenberg

In the heart of the National Park Weerribben-Wieden is Kalenberg, home leisure and tour business Jongschaap.

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Tiemen vaartjes Ossenzijl

Round trips by small and shallow ditches and Vaartjes National Park De Weerribben with the purpose-built barge canal boat Sylvia.

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Round trip Zuideinde

Covered, heated canal Giethoorn, the Dutch Venice. By narrow canals and under the distinctive arched bridges, or even drive an electric boat.

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Canoes and boats

National Park de Weerribben is a unique nature, which can best be explored by canoe or me an electro motor powered electric boat. 

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