Galerie De Horst and Harmonium Museum

Galerie De Horst is located in a farmhouse in Paasloo, located in the wooded banks scenery from the National Park Weerribben-Wieden.

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Museum De Oude Aarde

On the basis of the quest you will discover all sorts of fun facts about the beautiful crystals, fossils and minerals.

Printing museum Meppel

It begins with the first forms of communication: signs of the cavemen. And it allows the development of the script to see the machine into the 50s also regularly showcased lithography.

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Miramar Zeemuseum

A museum with thousands of treasures and tales of the sea, a unique collection of rare fish, shells, corals, lobsters etc. 

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Museum de Koloniehof

Relive the past of Drenthe! The Koloniehof museum offers a glimpse into the shabby period in Drenthe after the French occupation by Napoleon.

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