Trips with the kids

A day away from the camping? There are many trips around the Eikenhof. Not only in Paasloo, but also in the many villages in the area.

Beetle Kees

Beetle Kees lives with many other animals in the Paaslöerwoods. He would love to show you around! Will you go on an adventure with him? Hike together with your adventurous friends through the woods and go find him! 


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Orchideeën Hoeve

Discover, experience, enjoy, laugh and marvel at the Orchid Farm! Beyond the entrance gate of the Orchideeënhoeve a tropical world awaits you!

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Taman Indonesia

Taman Indonesia is an exotic animal park where animals and culture of Indonesia are the key.

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Netl; the most beautiful beach in the area where children learn through play while their parents are keeping an eye on in the sunshine!

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De Drentse Koe

Take a look at the farm of family Van der Linde. See how the automation of milking'm running on 70 cows they have.

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Butterfly paradise Papiliorama

An indoor zoo where butterflies fly freely around the visitors. Enjoy the exotic, colorful flying jewels of nature in a specially constructed section of tropical rainforest.

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